RealPage Webinar with M. Patrick Carroll

Recently, Patrick Carroll, Founder and CEO of CARROLL, sat down with Jay Parsons from RealPage to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on the multifamily real estate market and the next steps that CARROLL is taking to capitalize on the current market conditions.

M. Patrick Carroll, Founder and CEO of CARROLL, sat down with Jay Parsons from RealPage to discuss from a market-level and CARROLL-specific level how COVID-19 has impacted daily operations. This interview gives a quick snapshot into how CARROLL is adapting and finding opportunity in the midst of the chaos and confusion. Below is a complete list of the interview questions.

  1. You announced recently that you had contracted and recovered from COVID-19. First of all, I’m thankful to hear you have recovered. How are you feeling now? Do you mind sharing what that experience was like?
  2. You’re clearly ready to march forward at a time when the market for acquiring assets and businesses is freezing up. How did your experience shape your strategy?
  3. For multifamily specifically, what markets and asset types do you think are most attractive from an acquisition standpoint right now?
  4. Do you see suburban Sun Belt will continue to fare better through this downturn, and do you think that will impact how coastal and foreign capital values these assets?
  5. How do you see the value-add space impacted by the COVID-19 slowdown? Will we see renovation activity slow down for a while?
  6. You’ve funded a renter assistance program to help some of your renters struggling to pay rent. How did that fund come about?
  7. What’s it been like to see the impact of the fund – being able to support those who need help? And what comes next?
  8. How are May collections shaping up so far, and how do you see these next few months playing out?
  9. What are you seeing right now in terms of key fundamentals – new lease velocity, rents, retention? What markets are doing comparatively well, and which have been more challenging?
  10. Can you share some of your playbook for operating apartments in a recession when new lease demand is weak, rents are trending in the right direction, and … on top of all that, this time around we’re seeing a lot more policy/regulatory heat on property owners in the form of eviction moratoriums and other restrictions?
  11. Can you share with us any success stories or speak to how you’ve seen your team step up?