What Makes Us Different?

CARROLL Property Management is the nationally recognized operations arm of the company responsible for building world-class teams that execute the business plans for the communities.

To maximize investment returns, we set strategic plans for each investment and practice proactive follow-throughs. Asset and Property management teams are actively engaged in providing leadership and oversight throughout the entire lifecycle of the investment. The team's concepts enable strategic overlap and a collaborative environment, proving better strategic financial success for assets, investors, and owners.

Proprietary EASE Model

Proprietary Ease Model

Today's customer journey requires a sales process that focuses on meeting the customer along their journey. We created the EASE model – Explore, Act, Select, and Experience – which identifies key thoughts and actions consumers make throughout their apartment leasing experience. We remapped our sales process and approach to center around the consumer, training employees to recognize the thoughts and behaviors of customers as they navigate through each step of the journey to finding a new home.

Third-Party Management

Third Party Management

As a nationally recognized management company, CARROLL is able to meet your property ownership goals with unique, individualized attention. Through our vast knowledge, experience, and advanced technology, we can scale to meet any need – from acquisition through disposition. Our nimble approach provides individual customized attention to execute the business plan, while treating your investments as if they were our own.

Experience ARIUM

Experience ARIUM

Experience ARIUM that aims to surprise and delight our residents in ways that they don’t expect. We look for opportunities to reward them just for being them to show appreciation and to add value to their lives. Unlike other property management companies who are trying to build brands on the corporate level, on a product, or on lifestyle, ARIUM is a service brand built on a promise.

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