Consumer Decision Journey

The foundation of building a marketing system is understanding each of our prospects’ journeys toward the moment of purchase and beyond to loyalty. But what factors drive the decision our consumers make? Keep reading to learn more.

For many years, people understood the sales funnel as linear. A consumer starts at the broadest part of the funnel, which is focused on awareness messaging, and moves further through the funnel, ending at the final purchase. What this model omits is the journey after the purchase.

The Consumer Decision Journey that was developed by McKinsey accurately accounts for the feedback loop. Similar to the traditional sales funnel, consumers consider, evaluate, and decide where to purchase, but in McKinsey’s model, there’s a trigger that motivates a consumer to make a change, eventually a purchase, and a subsequent feedback loop that either propels a consumer towards brand loyalty or back through the decision journey.


Knowing that all consumers go through these phases before making a decision, how does Nocturnal use this information? As marketers, it’s useful to understand what drives the decisions customers make when looking for in not only a home but an apartment living experience.

To do this, Nocturnal:

  1. Understands what consumers are doing, thinking, and feeling in each stage when looking for their apartment home
  2. Maps out ARIUM’s role and messaging in each stage, whether that’s capturing the attention of prospective residents or building loyalty with current residents
  3. Identifies the barriers that keep prospects from moving forward in their journeys by building experiences that overcome those barriers.
  4. Discovers the most unique and best ways to connect with residents
  5. Works to grow the number of residents in the loyalty loop

It’s most cost effective to retain residents than to generate new prospects. So the end goal is to create as many happy, loyal residents as possible.

With that as the end goal in mind, the Nocturnal team strategizes to seamlessly present the ARIUM brand to current and prospective residents with consistent messaging across all stages, but unique to each individual stage of the Consumer Decision Journey.