CARROLL Expands Its Platform with End-to-End Solution for Multifamily Management

CARROLL solidifies investments platform by expanding comprehensive end-to-end multifamily property management services offering.


CARROLL is bolstering its robust investment platform by expanding on its end-to-end property management services solution for partners and investors. These services, headlined by CARROLL’s industry-leading property operations platform, include standalone asset management services, construction project management, full-suite marketing services through its NocturnalXD brand, and comprehensive hardware and software technology as a service offering – bringing a full complement of services that is scalable to every industry need.

Emphasizing these additional services will enhance the company’s flagship property management arm, which specializes in optimizing performance for all market-rate apartment types – from lease-up to stabilized. Beyond owned-asset management, CARROLL also provides a turnkey solution for multifamily investors in need of an additional asset management resource. CARROLL’s construction, IT, and marketing services work to provide customized solutions, ultimately saving clients and properties time and money. All solutions can be procured independent of each other.

“Our third-party management service offers a comprehensive solution for investors and owners. From embracing innovation to solving challenges through collaboration, our execution-focused team delivers the exceptional customer experience that is paramount to our operation and unparalleled in the industry,” said Scott Gilpatrick, vice president of operations. “At CARROLL, we believe hiring the best employees and treating each property as if it’s one of our own are two integral keys to our success – from takeovers to operational efficiency – where we consistently produce high-caliber results for clients and stakeholders.”

The company created a well-developed process, driven by internally operating all facets of property management, including construction, IT, and marketing, that has proven successful throughout the pandemic – particularly given the consolidation that has occurred in the industry this year. The decision to provide these offerings externally as standalone or bundled services allows CARROLL to take a long-range view of the multifamily sector. As owners look for sophisticated solutions for challenges facing the industry and in the face of management consolidation, CARROLL services are positioned as an innovative alternative to the old way of performing.

“Our exceptional management service is who we are and why we’ve performed so well throughout the past 10 years, purchasing 160 communities and selling more than 80 of those. We believe the market needs an operator that thinks and behaves like an owner, even when our equity isn’t involved,” said David Perez, chief operating officer. “At CARROLL, we think and act differently. With our ability to dive in and get plans on track, we expect to be the first call for many owners looking for a change.”

As a relatively young company, CARROLL has excelled, maximized opportunities and taken care of employees and customers. Through its aggressive strategy, CARROLL has experienced accelerated growth, increased market share, and excellent portfolio performance that includes $5.1B in assets under management and $11.5B in executed transactions with a realized internal rate of return of 26 percent.

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