CARROLL's fund management team works to build a diversified portfolio of multifamily properties and produce strong recurring cash flow that generate risk-adjusted returns for our Fund investors. We accomplish this by collaborating with our Acquisition and Asset management team professionals to acquire undervalued and cash-flow producing multifamily properties in markets with strong fundamentals and successfully execute the business plans of the properties to create incremental value within the fund.

Our specific fund management services include:

  •  Issuing Fund PPM, LPA, and subscription agreements
  •  Execution of Fund closings
  •  Issuing capital calls and quarterly distributions
  •  Management of Fund’s subscription line and Fund’s liquidity and expenses
  •  Monitoring and reporting on  performance metrics of properties within the Funds
  •  Calculating property fair market values and issuing Net Asset Value statements to Fund investors quarterly
  •  Producing quarterly financial reporting package including fund, property, and investor reporting documents

Fund Data