Real Estate Investment Firm Nets Huge Cost Savings from ESG Investment

A partnership with Ecosystems saved CARROLL $2 million and 200 million gallons of water through a sustainability program

As people debate the value of ESG in assessing investment opportunities, multifamily property investment companies that have committed to sustainability programs are capitalizing on savings potential, and simultaneously benefitting the planet through their actions.

EcoSystems has partnered with one such company – the property management team at CARROLL – to oversee several water and energy conservation projects across 19 multifamily properties in their extensive portfolio, which includes approximately 30,000 multifamily units across nine states.

“When we realized the opportunity we had to impact our bottom line, there was no question these initiatives made sense,” said David Perez, CARROLL’s President and COO. “This investment ended up saving us millions, but more importantly, we were able to deliver even greater value to our residents, which makes it a win-win all around.”

EcoSystems has a longstanding partnership with CARROLL and has worked to upgrade toilets, shower heads, and aerators at properties throughout Tennessee, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina. To date, the execution of these conservation projects has resulted in an average of 21% savings on water and sewer costs. Without significantly changing their habits, residents used 23% less water, simply because CARROLL invested in more efficient fixtures.

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