What Makes us Different?

We invest together, we apply our platform to the investment, and consistently produce industry-leading returns. Led by a blend of experts across disciplines and industries, we are able to stay closer to the deal without outsourcing the process – enabling day-one efficiencies.

Our top-performing, fully integrated platform aligns top-of-funnel deal-sourcing activity with strong, daily investment management and backend investment realization expertise. Our ability to assist in active management as soon as LOI acceptance ensures strong performance at acquisition. With a fully integrated platform and a predictable process, we create day-one efficiencies where others cannot.

Deal Sourcing

Deal Sourcing

We leverage a vast network of personal relationships with ownership groups and brokers, our strong transaction history of more than 250 acquisitions and dispositions in the past 10 years, and a wealth of underwriting data in our proprietary database to identify and acquire the best deals. Our ability to source investments others do not serves our partners well in strategic capital deployment.

Investment Approach

vertical integration

Our platform and team experience allows us to pursue multiple – and even divergent – strategies when the market requires. Our core/core+ strategy targets investments in stabilized properties located in defensible markets with predictable cash flow. While our value-add experience sources investment opportunities in properties with potential for increased value by making physical and operational improvements.

In addition to current market analysis, we use technology and data from our own portfolio to forecast trends that drives our investment decisions and market focus.

Market Access

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CARROLL made a name for itself in being nimble. It finds and quickly adapts its investment strategy to take advantage of current conditions. The company was a first mover in suburban Sunbelt multifamily, and made a $2B bet on workforce housing starting in early 2017.

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