M. Patrick Carroll Issues Challenge to Business Leaders to Personally Open their Wallets to those Affected by COVID-19

Patrick Carroll has issued a public challenge to all business leaders to make a personal donation to help make an impact in the communities around them. He started the challenge with a $100,000 pledge to help any family struggling due to Covid-19 and asked other leaders to open up their wallets to do the same.

In a time of enormous uncertainty and anxiety, individuals have found new ways to connect through digital platforms, brands have realigned their messaging, products, and focus to support local communities, and the government continues to look for novel ways to keep the economy afloat. For CARROLL, this brand realignment did not need to happen because it has always been a part of who we are.

When the Bahamas was ravaged by Hurricane Dorian, CARROLL stepped up to make a large donation. When CARROLL CEO and Founder, M. Patrick Carroll, attended a meeting to learn more about The Heart Fund, he immediately committed to a large donation. And every year, each of our communities across the United States identify local charities to get involved in. Those have included The Ronald McDonald House, Boys and Girls Clubs, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and many more.

Now, CARROLL and M. Patrick Carroll are stepping up again to help make a difference in the lives of those affected by COVID-19. CARROLL is making a donation to the food bank in each city in its eastern and western footprints and sending meals to healthcare workers on the front lines. Food scarcity affects some of the most vulnerable populations, and especially in times like these, when schools are closed and kids rely on getting nutrition from their school meals, it's important to do our part.

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