How You Can Profit From the ‘Great Relocation’ Megatrend

Patrick Carroll, founder and CEO of CARROLL, analyzes the ongoing corporate migration to the U.S. Sun Belt and how it creates a cycle that supports real estate investments.

By Patrick Carroll, founder and CEO of CARROLL

Much has been written since the COVID-19 pandemic about the “great resignation” and “quiet quitting,” but as professional Americans adapt to new and emerging work routines, companies have been quietly engaging in a “great relocation.” For investors, this offers a potential road to profit from real estate investments.

I’m certain this trend will be especially important in the coming years. As the U.S. Federal Reserve raises interest rates to rein in high inflation, pushing mortgage rates ever higher, values in the broad real estate market are expected to decline. As a result, investors in real estate will have to be selective. This means primarily deploying capital in cities that are enjoying secular tailwinds — that is, the Sun Belt states in the American South and Southwest.

At CARROLL, my own real estate investment firm, the topic has been on our minds for a while. This summer we executed a $200 million deal in North Carolina, Texas, and Arizona. My long-term commitment to the Sun Belt means that I’ve been watching — and investing in — this region throughout my career. It’s gratifying to begin to see my faith in the potential of the South and Southwest shared by other industry leaders.

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