Celebrating Women’s History Month: A Q&A with CARROLL’s Sue Lindsey

Part 3 of Our Spotlight Series Celebrating 5 Award-Winning Women of CARROLL Who Embody Our Core Values and Help Others Soar

Up next in our spotlight series is Sue Lindsey, a Resident Services Consultant for ARIUM, CARROLL’s multifamily brand. With more than 9 years of experience supporting prospects and residents, Sue has an impressive track record of helping others in any situation. She recently won the Firm’s Janel Nipper Memorial Award for embodying the spirit of the late Janel Nipper, an integral member of the CARROLL team who unexpectedly passed away in 2021. Janel’s vivacious spirit lives on all day, every day and this year we are proud to celebrate our very own Sue Lindsey for continuing Janel’s legacy of excellence.

Happy Women’s History Month to you! Name a woman from history – or someone you know – that you find especially inspiring and tell us why.

When I think of an inspiring woman, my sister comes to mind. She worked in education and often experienced challenges with her students. Despite these challenges, she was able to show compassion and helped turn some bad incidents into positive ones by treating her students the way she wanted to be treated.

According to CREW Network’s fourth benchmark study, women represent roughly 36.7% of the workforce in commercial real estate. Tell us a little about your career journey which led to your present-day work in multifamily real estate.

In 1978, I started working for a management company in Houston and worked for them for 15 years. I decided to move back to Florida and worked for another company for 15 years until CARROLL acquired that property. I continued my employment with CARROLL, working at Lansbrook Village by ARIUM and helping with the condo purchase. At that time, Jimmy Chestnut was the Regional Manager and asked me to help with his calls from the residents. Over time, things evolved and I took on all the resident service calls.

In what ways have you grown (whether professionally or personally) since you began your career in multifamily real estate?

Working with residents who appear to have some concerns and then collaborating to turn those challenges around makes me feel good at the end of the day. It’s rewarding being able to help make a difference in residents’ lives.

You recently won a 2022 Circle of Excellence award! Congrats! How long have you been a member of the CARROLL team? Tell us what your current role is and what an average day may look like for you.

I have worked at CARROLL for 9 years and currently work in Resident Services (which is part of the Marketing team). I answer calls (and emails) from previous and current residents and assist with the respective managers to resolve their concerns. Some days are very challenging; however, with the support of our managers/regional managers and we are able to help resolve the issues.

What is one of the most fulfilling parts of your job?

The most fulfilling part of my job is being able to work for an amazing company and to be appreciated for the work we do.

What is something you wish your present self could tell your younger self?

“Try to make the world a better place.”

How can women continue to support/empower each other in today’s workplace and in the communities in which we live?

We must all make sure we treat one another in the manner we wish to be treated – and make sure we are making our company look good by our actions.

There’s more to come! As the month continues, we will keep shining the spotlight on the other incredible women who recently won a CARROLL Circle of Excellence award!