Best-in-class Property Management Services

Carroll Management Group is a trusted advisor to multifamily clients and investors.

Carroll outperforms expectations, evidenced by our track record of consistently improving revenue and net operating income and in turnarounds of distressed and value add properties. 

Leveraging what we’ve perfected on our owned assets, our collaborative structure optimizes our matrix based operating model. At our core, we are an entrepreneurial management company focused on teamwork and people first to bring both industry and functional expertise to the forefront of our multifamily operating platform. 

With deep knowledge across people, marketing, technology, operations, construction and finance/accounting, let us advise you on a path forward. Let us know your needs here.


People and their experience is at the heart of what we do. It’s a lifecycle that builds on itself, ever elevating people to learn more, seek more and be more. 

Recruiting Philosophy:

We find the right talent at the right time to fill any open role. It’s about the candidates that fit our entrepreneurial learning culture. 

  • Focused on staffing associates based on needs and skills tailored to each property 
  • Actively building and cultivating a pipeline of talent for future needs
  • Partnering closely with regional managers across the organization to source local talent


People Development:

Onboarding is crucial. Our driving focus for people starts with job readiness. Enabling professionals to understand the people, processes and tools necessary to be effective within the first 7 days of employment allows both property and employee success. 

Follow on development combines in person training, mentoring, and on-line point of need training to continue to develop the skills necessary to provide top notch service to our residents. 
Fostering and encouraging continual learning opportunities emboldens our entrepreneurial culture.


Retention and Reward:

Our retention and reward activities provide the right incentives aligning our associates to high employee and customer satisfaction. With opportunities to share expertise, learn from one another and give back the community while serving one another, we grow every day.



Transitions include promotions and other opportunities for people to advance. Our focus remains on making people better than when they joined us, regardless of how we may part.


The operations team, led by industry veterans with hundreds of combined years of experience, provide executional guidance to all business plans and enable people to succeed. By having regional vice presidents and managers dispersed across local southeast and southwest markets, we maximize local market knowledge and enable direct oversight of each plan.

Emphasizing key daily, weekly and monthly routines enables Carroll to effectively execute the investment thesis while also delivering added value through opportunity delivery and threat resolution. Above all, our customer service experience surprises and delights our residents as we continue to realize significant retention as well as renewal growth across the portfolio. 

Carroll’s process and leadership ensures zero business interruption, and its ability to act nimbly using old-fashioned experience and fact based data deliver the bottom line value our customers seek. 


Carroll’s marketing team takes a customer-centric approach with a process built around human-centered design (HCD). HCD, a problem-solving approach focused on building the solution that your customers demand, delivers on the business goals as its main output. Instead of starting with business goals and aligning tactics to achieve them, Carroll starts with resident needs and aligns tactics to meet those needs, understanding that the result will be loyalty, mindshare, and ultimately market share.

There are three main tenants of HCD that govern our internal processes:

Inspiration – this requires Carroll keep a finger on the pulse of its residents to understand their needs and the creative ways other brands are tackling similar problems.
Ideation – this is an organic process that includes both current residents as well as Carroll employees from across the company, giving everyone a voice.
Implementation – empower teams to implement solutions that will continually enhance prospect and resident experiences in ways that meet tangible needs. Solutions should be implemented iteratively with continual testing and refinement.

Understanding where customers are in the Consumer Decision Journey and where Carroll can intersect with consumers enable the team to be more engaging in a customer’s home search and provide more value than competitors. The team dissects each stage of the journey to understand what customers do, think and feel along the way. 

Consumers want to do business with brands that reflect their values and provide a welcoming human experience. The ARIUM brand is built to suit that goal. 

Unlike other multifamily operators who try to build brands on the corporate level, based on product, or solely on lifestyle, ARIUM is a service brand built on a promise to remove the barriers our residents might face in apartment living so that they are free to pursue the things that matter most to them. Every resident should have a carefree experience in any interaction with ARIUM, from paying rent to a maintenance request resolution, so that they have one less thing to worry about.


Our technology platform provides a wholistic suite of tools aimed to leverage industry leading processes and provide excellent resident service. Whether it’s a best in breed accounting, revenue management and reporting integration or a customer centric platform for residents, our technology team ensures a seamless user experience.

We focus on your IT so you can focus on your business. In today’s productivity driven property management world, a community depends on IT systems to work both for employees and residents to communicate, work and live. Our one stop hardware and software management hub handles all aspects of your IT infrastructure including cable contracts, phone lines and internet connectivity. 

We use a collaborative team approach acting as our client’s IT department. Our complete service desk platform provides deep visibility to all service tickets. Teams quickly identify systemic issues and incorporate technical need to know training. Technology at its core serves business needs; we make it work. 

Construction and Development

Our construction and development team remains focused on delivering well-conceived projects that provide a quality place for people to live while adding value and driving returns. Having managed $200 MM of construction work over the last 5 years, our construction teams live in the markets they serve and maintain deep relationships with contractors throughout enabling Carroll to timely deliver successful projects.
Leveraging our design and architectural capabilities allows us to advise our clients from ideation through execution and deliver value through time and labor cost efficiencies. We seek to maximize ROIC for each job matched against business plan, resident persona and feasibility.
Over the last two hurricane seasons we’ve proven our ability to handle disaster related issues through partnerships with reliable emergency response vendors, work with top notch adjusters and consultants to speed the claims process and the ability to execute all reconstruction work. Our team also handles all internal claims work, insurance reconciliation, recommendations, payments, scope design, advisement on BI calculations and submittals. 
Our reach from Texas to the Carolinas to Florida enables our clients to enjoy economies of scale for materials and appliances allowing for significant capital savings and ultimately ROI enhancement.

Accounting and Finance

Institutional - Carroll provides end-to-end accounting services of the highest quality to our clients and partners. With a number of CPAs on staff and best in breed accounting software, processes and procedures, the team is well-equipped to serve many brand name institutions on a daily basis to meet all of their full-cycle accounting and reporting requirements including monthly GAAP financial statements, ad hoc reporting customized to the owner’s systems and/or reporting processes, treasury and cash management, member distributions, lender reporting and management of year-end audit and tax reporting. Carroll partners with Big 4 and other top ranked national public accounting firms to maintain the highest reporting standards for our clients and partners. 

Consistency - Carroll understands that clients rely on reporting to make important capital allocation decisions. We strive to maintain a level of consistency that ensures each client and partner continuously receives the same level of service and reporting for every managed property. Timeliness and accuracy are of the essence. 

Adaptability -  Although the Accounting and Finance team operate in a very structured manner, it realizes the importance of remaining nimble enough to accommodate reporting needs specific to individual clients and partners. While Carroll finds that our standard reporting offerings meet the needs of institutional owners, the team is more than willing to work with owners to customize report formats, system feeds, or ad hoc reporting when needed. 


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